4 original Mother's Day gifts

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly and you are probably looking for the perfect gift. You can pick one of the traditional gifts like a nice bouquet of flowers, candles or chocolates.

But what about an original present that’s not only functional but has a nice design as well?! For mothers who are always on the go - busy with the kids, work and trips with friends - we have the perfect gift in store. Below, we list our top 4 original Mother's Day gifts.

The Essential Powerbank 20.000 mAh (€49,95)

For the moms that love a day trip or even better; a city trip for a couple of days, we have the Essential Series. With the most powerful version of this compact Power Bank (20.000 mAh), you can charge any smartphone at least 4 times. Making this a gift not only for your mother, but also for her companions. During the trip you will have enough power to capture every moment with your smartphone-camera. You won’t have to fear about draining your battery too quickly.

Do you have a lower budget? Then you can also go for the Essential Power Bank 10,000mAh (€39.95) or the Essential Power Bank 5,000mAh (€29.95).

Essential Power Bank 20.000 mAh

The Wireless Charging Pad Solo (€34,95)

This Wireless Charger allows your mum to charge wirelessly at home easily and quickly. Place your Qi-compatible phone on the pad, and charging begins automatically. No more hassle with messy charging cables.

The Wireless Charger looks beautiful on any desk or nightstand. The geometric design with its matte, soft touch finish, is expressive yet refined. And the subtle LED-ring on the bottom only lights up shortly when charging starts and is therefore not disturbing. It’s also possible to expand the Charger by attaching a second Solo Charger to it. This way, you can charge two phones at the same time!

Charging Pad Solo

The Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 5.000 mAh (Starting from €29,95)

With this magnetic Power Bank, your mom gets a gadget that also charges perfectly! Because of the strong and well-aligned magnets, this Power Bank snaps on to the back of an iPhone 12, 13 or 14 with ease. The 7.5W charging speed is a bit lower than the other Xtorm Power Banks, but you get a real eye-catcher in return!

The FS400U Power Bank can be charged through the USB-C port. Because this port also serves as an output, you can charge other types of smartphones via a cable.

Magnetic Wireless Charger

The Car Charger 30W (€29,95)

This gift is for the moms that are always on-the-go. From korfball to dancing lessons and from school to the office. How nice is it to always have a charger with a USB-A and USB-C output at your disposal in the car?! You can plug this car charger into the 12V connection, transforming it immediately into a USB-charging point.

The charger has one 30W USB-C and one 18W USB-A port so you can always recharge your phone or tablet in no time. All of this while on the move from one location to another – that’s what we call saving some time!


Car Charger

If you prefer to pick out the perfect present yourself, just check out our web shop. Here you will find everything you need to provide your mother with some extra power. Gift your mother #MoreEnergy this Mother’s Day!

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