Power Bank Titan 60W - 24.000 mAh - Fan Edition - Xtorm EU Power Bank Titan 60W - 24.000 mAh - Fan Edition - Xtorm EU
XB4FE Power Bank Titan 60W - 24.000 mAh - Fan Edition
€89,95 €159,00
Powerful 60W USB-C PD output 3 USB-C PD outputs 24.000 mAh battery capacity Power: 90W (max) Laptop fully charged in 2 hours  Integrated magnetic USB-C cable Sustainable materials (In-)visible LED battery indicator Iconic design The XB4 Titan Power Bank seamlessly combines its iconic design with class-leading specifications, sustainable materials, and innovative features. It’s the perfect Power Bank to fast-charge your Ultrabook, tablet and smartphone. Thanks to the built-in cable you’re always ready to charge on-the-go!The ultimate laptop Power BankThe Titan packs 3 powerful USB-C PD outputs, with a combined total output of 90W. The 60W USB-C PD port is optimised to charge Ultrabooks and other lightweight laptops, it fully charges them in only 1,5 hours. The other USB-C PD outputs are highly suitable to charge your smartphone or tablet. Extra fast rechargingThanks to the 60W USB-C PD input, the Power Bank itself can be fully recharged and be ready to use in under 2 hours. It even supports pass-through charging, so you can charge other devices even while the Power Bank is being recharged!Moving towards a sustainable futureIn a push to move towards a more sustainable future, we’ve incorporated the use of recycled plastic into the body of our Power Bank. Even our packaging is made from recycled materials. Our products are built to last. This way we fight the replacement market. A design that feels goodDesign goes hand in hand with user-experience. This is why we pay special attention to details; like a smooth soft-touch finish, a carefully integrated magnetic USB-C cable, as well as the LED battery display that only appears when needed. Re-imagining the battery displayThe LED battery display in the Titan perfectly blends into the overall design of the Power Bank. Its retro inspired pixelated design only appears when needed, showing the actual battery percentage and charging status. When turned off, the display is totally invisible – making the design of the Power Bank stand out even more, remaining clean minimalistic. 
Original 240W USB-C Power Delivery Cable - 2 meter Original 240W USB-C Power Delivery Cable - 2 meter
CX2170 Original 240W USB-C Power Delivery Cable - 2 meter


€19,95 - €44,95
This 240W Xtorm Original USB-C PD Cable is designed to be the perfect every-day charging cable for your laptop. It supports the next generation of Power Delivery - PD 3.1 with 240W Extended Power Range (EPR). This means that no matter which device you want to charge, you will always have access to maximum power!240W Next Gen Power DeliveryTo power the next generation of laptops, we have developed a USB-C PD cable that supports up to 240W of power. This is made possible thanks to the implementation of PD 3.1, with Extended Power Range (EPR) support of 240W.Durable & StrongThe use of braided nylon not only reinforces the cable, but also ensures its flexibility over long periods of time. The connectors feature a unique metal housing, specially designed with a U-shaped cut out that allows the cable to bend and move more freely.
XTTB01 - Tech Travel Bag - Grey - Xtorm EU
XTTB01 XTTB01 - Tech Travel Bag - Grey
€19,95 €24,95
The Tech Travel Bag will give you easy access to everything you could possibly need to charge or use your mobile devices in one bag. Store everything in one handy bag There’s also space for your pens, travel documents and other small valuables, in addition to your power bank and cables. The Tech Travel bag is the size of a small toiletry bag (A5) and is therefore perfect for carrying in your hand luggage.Top qualityThe Tech Travel bag is made from top quality Nylon. This means it's a durable product which will last for years. 
PowerStream Mini Apple Watch Charger PowerStream Mini Apple Watch Charger
PS100 PowerStream Mini Apple Watch Charger

Apple Watch Charger

€36,95 €44,95
The perfect mini charger for your Apple WatchRecharge your Apple Watch anywhere with this super compact mini charger. It's small size makes it perfect to take with you on the go. It can easily be plugged into the side of a MacBook, Power Bank or a wall charger so you can charge your Watch anywhere you are.  Get ready for the futureThe use of a USB-C connector means this mini Apple Watch charger is ready for the future. All new iPhones and other Apple products already come with a USB-C charger and/or cable, and this trend will only continue going forward. Always ready to go with PowerStreamAll products in the Xtorm PowerStream series have been designed with one thing in mind: to bring you the easiest and best wireless charging experience for all of your Apple devices and accessories, so you’re always charged up and ready to go.• Small size is perfect for on the go• Recharge anywhere, simply plug in a Power Bank, MacBook, or wall charger• Future proof thanks to USB-C
UV Disinfectant Box & 15W Wireless Charger
XWUV15 UV Disinfectant Box & 15W Wireless Charger

15W Wireless Charger / UV Disinfectant Box

€42,95 €59,95
Hygiene and high-tech come together in this 15W Wireless Charger & UV Disinfectant Box. This seemingly simple box contains UV lights that will quickly and easily disinfect your smartphone, keys, or other small items you use every day. On top of that this box also includes a 15W Qi wireless fast charger on top, to quickly charge up your smartphone after having it disinfected. Disinfecting and hygiene made easyThanks to the clever implementation of UV lights inside the box, you can quickly disinfect your smartphone, keys, or other small items you use every day. These days hygiene is more important than ever, and it’s never been easier. Simply place your items in the box, turn it on, and wait a few moments until the cleaning cycle is complete.Safe and simpleBoth the wireless charger and the UV disinfecting system have been tested and certified to give you the best results. This includes all safety features that protect you and your devices. 15W Wireless Fast ChargingThis wireless charger has a powerful 15W wireless output, allowing you to fast charge your smartphone without having to use any wires! Simply place your smartphone on the charger, and charging starts automatically. 
60W Connect USB - C to Wireless Charging Hub - Xtorm EU
XC006 60W Connect USB-C to Wireless Charging Hub

60W / USB-C to Wireless

The USB-C Hub 6-in-1 is part of the innovative and elegant Connect Series. The premium Hubs in this product range will expand your USB-C laptop with the connections you need.Connect and chargeThis USB-C hub contains an HDMI port, three USB ports, and one USB-C PD port that even allows you to charge your laptop while using the Hub. On top of all this, the 6-in-1 Hub also features a 10W wireless charging pad that’s perfect for recharging your smartphone while you’re working on your laptop.DesignIts functionality is further enhanced by the compact and slim design. This makes the Hub easy to take with you, ensuring that you can make optimal use of your laptop anywhere, any time. Additionally, the use of aluminium body not only looks good, but makes the hub strong enough to travel everywhere you do.
Wireless Charging Stand Wireless Charging Stand
XW210 Wireless Charging Stand

10W Wireless Charger

€29,95 €39,95
Charging cables often look messy, or they end up disappearing behind pieces of furniture right when you need them. This wireless fast charging stand makes charging your smartphone super easy, while keeping your home both stylish and organized.Powerful featuresThe use of Qi wireless technology means cable-free and easy charging, at speeds of up to 10W. The charging stand is designed so that it can fold down to be used as a regular charging pad. This dual functionality makes it the perfect all-round Wireless Charger!Charging made easyNo more messy wires on your desk or nightstand; simply place your smartphone on the surface of the pad and charging starts automatically. You don’t even have to remove your protective case, the charger is engineered in such a way that it easily charges through covers.Please note: To reach the 10W wireless charging output, we recommend using a Quick Charge 2.0 (or higher) USB adapter. If you’re using this charger with a different or less powerful USB adapter, the wireless output will be lowered to 5W.Power adapter is not included with this product. This product does not have an internal battery.
Xtorm 500W Solar Generator XL – Power Station 500W + Solar Panel 200W Bundle
Xtorm 500W Solar Generator XL – Power Station 500W + Solar Panel 200W Bundle


€1.438,00 €1.448,00
With our bundle of the Xtorm Portable Power Station 500W and the Xtreme Solar Panel 200W, you can go completely off-grid. Whether you're planning to go camping for days or embark on an adventurous road trip, with this robust 500W Solar Generator XL, you're always assured of enough power to charge all your devices. The Xtorm Portable Power Station 500W provides you with two power outlets wherever you are, with a combined powerful output of 500W. Thanks to its high capacity of 612Wh, you can even power larger devices such as a fan, TV, or cooler for several hours! Additionally, the Power Station uses LiFePO4 batteries, which have a lifespan 4 times longer than standard Li-ion cells. This bundle includes two separate 100W Solar Panels that can easily be combined for a total power of 200W. This gives you an inexhaustible source of energy, wherever you are. On a beautiful summer day, it takes just 4.5 hours to fully charge the Power Station with both Solar Panels. The portable Solar Panels feature super-efficient SunPower cells, providing high efficiency on a compact surface. And since they are two separate panels, you have the flexibility to place them exactly as you want, unlike a fixed 200W panel.
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