Blackout. And then?


Picture this. You are sitting quietly at home on the couch watching television and suddenly the television turns off and the house goes dark. All the appliances you are used to using on a daily basis no longer respond when you press the on and off switch. The power is out.

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To get you started in this situation for at least two weeks, we've put together some tips.

It is always handy to have water in the house for when the connected water stops working. It is recommended that you store 2.5 liters of water per person as a reserve supply. You could also take in a water filtration system (self-sufficient, without electricity) to filter water despite the power outage.

Stock up on non-perishable foods such as jarred and canned vegetables and fruits, grains, legumes, pasta, rice, crispbread, sugar and non-perishable (long-life) milk.

It is handy to have cash in the house in case communication with the bank is temporarily not possible. The sum of a double week's worth of groceries, preferably in small bills and coins is recommended. Of course, be sure to secure this money properly!

Care & Medicine
Should you use medication or other personal essentials such as insulin, it is good to always have a reserve supply of these at home. That way you will never run out of them when you need them. Always make sure you have a first aid kit or first aid box in the house and that it is well stocked with the necessary resources.

Of course, it is nice to be able to wash yourself. Therefore, take hygiene items into your home.

Candles and matches may be a bit primitive, but these can come in handy in blackout moments once night falls.

Provision for pets
If you have pets, it is necessary to stock up on enough water and food. This way, the animal will never run out of food.

A stove or fireplace can provide a lot of heat. Therefore, make sure you have enough wood to keep it lit. You should also have the right tools for lighting it. Blankets, sleeping bags and warm clothes can also provide a lot of warmth.

Fill the car's tank as much as possible whenever possible, this way you have a means of transportation available to you even during a blackout. Caution! Storing gasoline at home can be dangerous because of its high flammability. It is therefore not recommended if not immediately necessary.

A battery-operated or solar-powered radio or crank radio, camping cooler or refrigerator are immensely useful at times of blackout. Of course, these need to be powered. So have spare batteries and a charged Portable Power Station with built-in power outlet.


Note! How long the Power Station can power your devices is of course highly dependent on which devices, the amount of devices and for what period of time you want to power the devices.
XP070 - Portable Power Socket 70
This is a compact Power Bank with built-in power outlet. At 70W, this charger is especially suitable for charging devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and small other devices.
XP300U - Portable Power Station 300
If you need power for several hours, this 300W charger can power devices such as a lamp, radio, cooler, laptop for several hours. The Power Station 300 has 1 built-in power outlet.
This is the big brother of the Power Station 300. With 500W, this charger allows you to power devices for a longer period of time. This charger has 9 outputs in total including 2 outlet outputs.
XP1300 - Portable Power Station 1300
This charger is a huge powerhouse. With a high output of 1300W, it is capable of powering certain devices even for several days. Virtually any portable device can be connected to the Power Station 1300. With 9 different outputs including 2 socket outlets you always have the right connection for your device.


A useful feature of the Power Stations is that they can be recharged in 4 ways. Thus, even during a blackout, you can recharge the Power Station again.

  • Via wall socket (with cables provided)
  • Via a solar panel (with cables supplied)
  • Via 12V Carplug (this is the connection to charge via your car battery)
  • Via USB-C


What is a Portable Power Station?

A Portable Power Station is basically a large power bank, but with a plug-in connection. This, combined with a high capacity, allows you to plug in all kinds of home, garden, and kitchen devices wherever you are.

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How long can I power my device?

Lamp (10W) Radio (10W) TV Screen (30W) Coolbox (40W) Coolbox (60W)
XP070 4 hours hours 1,5 hours - -
XP300U 17,5 hours 17,5 hours 5,5 hours 4-6 hours 3-4 hours
XP500 1,5 days 1,5 days 12,5 hours 10-13 hours 6-8 hours
XP1300 3,5 days 3,5 days 27 hours 20-28 hours 14-19 hours

These times are based on only connecting 1 device at a time and the type of device connected. To calculate for yourself how long your device can be powered you can use the formula from this page.


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