Mount Nuptse: the ultimate challenge

Christian, 34 years old, is about to experience his greatest climbing adventure ever; in mid-April he will take on the challenge of reaching the summit of Nuptse. "So far there have only been 22 successful ascents of this mountain." Curious about his preparations and what it takes to go on such an expedition? Christian would love to take you on his adventure!

Making dreams come true

Ever since I was young, I have loved the outdoors. I was a climber, but in a completely different way. I knew every tree in the street from the bottom root to high up in the tree. I went to the mountains for the first time when I was in my 20s. I fell in love immediately. It still took some time before I actually climbed my first mountain, but once I did, I knew it wouldn’t be my last.

My dream is to climb all 1000 meter increments. Meaning I would like to climb 1000 meters, 2000 meters, 3000 meters all the way to 8000 meters. I am curious to see what I am physically capable of, but combined with some technical challenge.

Last year I stood on three 6000 meter mountains, including the challenging Cholatse (6440m). This year's focus is on 7000 meters. The plan is to do an alpine style ascent of Nuptse in mid-April. This is a mountain in the Himalayas in Nepal and is 7861 meters high. An extreme adventure because each route to the summit is particularly technical, combined with the high altitude.

The style in which I climb is important to me. We climb in the so-called alpine style. Unlike expedition style I climb in a small team, only with one other climber, without using fixed ropes or altitude carriers and without supplemental oxygen. This style is extremely demanding both physically and mentally.   

If we have climbed Nuptse successfully, we will also make an attempt on the neighboring mountain peak Lhotse right away. This mountain is a whopping 8516 meters high.

Christian in the mountains

My way to the top: how I have prepared

Training, training, training. I make my own training schedule, but obviously based on a lot of research and experience. On average, I train at least 2 hours a day. I apply a mix of cardio, strength and climbing. For cardio training, I run a lot, with an endurance run of at least 25 kilometers every week. In addition, I have specific strength training for "muscular endurance," so that my muscles keep working even when I am asking the most of my body. I also climb in the hall about twice a week, a useful, but above all fun training.

You can control your preparation, but external factors you cannot control. For example the conditions of the mountain, how much fresh snow there is, the weather, your physical condition at altitude. These are factors that cannot be influenced, they require judgment and adaptability. The bottom line is that all factors must cooperate to make a climb like this a success. Your mindset should be that you are going to be successful, but also realistic that not summiting is a potential outcome. Ultimately, returning safely to basecamp is most important.

Christian in the mountains

The contents of my backpack

It's a full backpack. Even though I try to pack minimalistic, a lot ends up going with me. In terms of clothing, I take lots of layers. Up to a very thick down suit to cope with temperatures that can drop to -30. The heaviest part of my backpack is all the technical gear. Think about ice axes, ice screws, carabiners, ropes, etc. Despite our relatively light climbing style, there is a lot that has to go with us to get to the top and back down properly and safely.

In addition, I have quite a few electrical devices with me. Like an action cam, phone, GPS/Satellite connection, watch with altimeter, headlamp and heated gloves. The latter are important because, unfortunately, I cannot put on thick mittens because of the use of my ice axes.

In order for all these devices to actually work, power sources are needed. On the mountain, of course, there is no power available. I am therefore incredibly happy with the powerful Power Banks from Xtorm which, together with the Solar Panel, will ensure that I stay warm, can take beautiful pictures, make contact in case of emergency and see something in the dark.

One step at a time

An adventure like this is not the result of six months of training, a year of climbing or having a nice dream. It is a sum of years of experience with successes and setbacks. Allow yourself that preparation and take it one step at a time. Start nearby, start small, the big and grand will come naturally if you are willing to go all the way.

picture of Christian

Curious about the course of Christian's adventure and whether he manages to successfully climb Nuptse? Then keep an eye on Xtorm's socials or follow Christian himself on Instagram:

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