THE TOUGHEST RACE IN THE WORLD rowing 4800 kilometres for charity

How well do you know each other? How well do you want to know each other? Well enough to row across the ocean together for at least 38 days?

Nothing around but water

4800 kilometres, nothing around but water, your boat and your friend, rowing together.. Dominic and Florian are committing to this crazy challenge all for the good of charity. Both of them are no strangers to rowing. Dominic, a man standing 1.90m tall, started rowing at a young age but it wasn’t untill his military service that he took up rowing again – this time competitively even winning a Swiss championship title whilst rowing during his study years at the University of Zurich. Florian, with an impressive height of 1.94m, an astounding lung capacity of 6.6l and multiple championships, he makes for the perfect rowing partner. Together they form Team Atventure: dedicated to rowing and dedicated to each other.

Dominic and Florian are determined to document their journey at sea. Considering the lack of power plugs on board and only built-in solar panels to power their clean water supply, they were thinking of ways to keep the power going whilst being at the middle of sea. Xtorm to the rescue! Xtorm is supplying Dominic and Florian with enough power to last throughout their complete journey. If it takes 40 days or more we are here to support them during the toughest race In the world: The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Powered by the sun

The sun is their only power source so we are gearing them up with two heavy solar panels so that they can charge several devices. We’ve also made sure they have enough strong cables that are unbreakable to last them a lifetime, but for now will survive their journey at sea. We have also send them multiple power banks so they can store every bit of power, which they'll need to charge all their devices.


During this sponsorship we are teaming up with another great brand: Xbionic! Xbionic is the number one Swiss brand in athletic gear. They are making sure Dominic and Florian are under the best circumstances when rowing the hardest race of their lives. Together with Xbionic we are fueling these two guys and providing them with all they need to make it to the finish line.

Curious to find out if they are going to get to the finish line with enough power to stay connected? Stay tuned and follow their amazing journey via our blog and socials.

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