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Capture your movement with a #TimeLapse

Every place has its own movement, energy and vibe. The way traffic moves, how people walk and live their lives, and even details like the way clouds move over a building; every place has its own feeling. Pictures can’t always capture the way you or a city “moves”, but a time-lapse can.

This Travel with Energy Tip explains how:

A time-lapse allows you to really capture places in ways you can’t with a simple photo. It’s a brilliant way to remember or share your trip with your friends and family.

It might look difficult, but it is surprisingly easy if you follow these simple steps.

Most of the time you see a time-lapse it’s taken from a stationary point of view. While this is already more interesting and fun than a regular photo or video, we want to suggest something even more unique - a time-lapse while you’re moving.

A time...what?

Most cameras and smartphones have a time-lapse function built-in. This special function looks like a super fast-forwarded video.

This feature is essentially the opposite of making a slow-motion video. In a slow-motion video your camera takes a lot of pictures really fast, so when you play it back at normal speed it looks slowed down.

A time-lapse captures a lot less images than a regular video, maybe even only one every couple of seconds. When you play these images at normal speed it looks like a “fast-forwarded”, or time-lapse, video.

Make a moving time-lapse

This looks harder than it is; but just try it. You’ll find out it’s not that difficult at all.

Let's start with a little practice to get the hang of it. Hold your camera in front of you and just walk through an alley. Try not to turn or move your device, but if you want to do this - try to do it in a subtle way.

Now walk for a minute or two and look at the result. Awesome right?

This kind of time lapse allows you to capture your cycling trip, a walk through a city, sightseeing, your flight, or anything else you can think of in a very unique way.

Just follow these tips:

  • Put your camera (app) in time lapse mode.
  • If possible place your device in a mount or on a tripod.
  • Prevent sudden movements of your camera.
  • Do not pay too much attention to the recording, just keep doing your thing.

Moving time lapses work extremely well if you’re in or on any type of moving vehicle; whether that’s a boat, plane, motorbike, or simply a bicycle, it doesn’t really matter.

The results will surprise you!

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