Which Power Bank is the best holiday gift?

The Holiday Season is almost upon us again and with them the annual gift-choosing stress: which Power Bank do I give as a Christmas present and which one do I put on my own wish list?

To help you with this choice, we highlight a number of powerful Power Banks for you. This will help you choose the best gift for someone else or for yourself!

 Fuel Series 4 Power Banks – 10.000mAh/20.000mAh - €44.95/€59.95


The Netherlands' most popular, compact Power Bank is the Xtorm FS4. Available in 10.000mah or 20.000mAh so you can choose how often you want to give extra power to your smartphone or other mobile device.

This is the gift if you are looking for a Power Bank for daily use. With 2 USB outputs and the extra powerful 20W USB-C output, you can charge multiple devices in no time! Pass-through charging makes it possible to charge both the Power Bank itself and, for example, your phone at the same time.

These Power Banks are perfect for people who travel daily by public transport or are on the road a lot. Never fear an empty battery again during the (work) day!

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Xtreme Power Bank Rugged – 20.000mAh - €99.95

Rugged Power Bank Christmas Gift

For the nature lover who likes to have a charged phone or camera during all adventures, an Xtreme Rugged Power Bank would be the perfect gift. This powerful Power Bank has a 35W USB-C PD output and a battery capacity of 20.000 mAh. It is shock- and waterproof and thanks to the orange colour it is easy to find at the bottom of your backpack or in the dark. 

Choose a Rugged Power Bank for the true outdoorsman! The ideal gift for people who love long hikes or camping weekends. The rugged exterior and torch make this a great gadget that is also very functional!

For true lovers of outdoor activities, these Power Banks are a must-have. Enjoy a hike or bike ride without any worries and always have extra energy at hand.

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Titan Laptop Power Bank 60W – 24.000mAh - €159,-

Titan Power Bank Christmas Gift

Looking for a functional, beautiful and durable gift for someone who mainly uses a laptop on the go: here it is! With 3 USB-C PD outputs of 2x 30W and 1x 60W, not only your laptop but also your tablet or smartphone is quickly charged with the Titan. Its large capacity of 24.000mAh ensures you have enough energy to get you through the day.

The Laptop Power Bank is also suitable to take with you on a plane trip. Watch your favourite series or a film carefree during a long flight. With the integrated USB-C cable, you have everything you need at hand to charge your devices. No more fear of dead batteries when you arrive at your destination!

This Power Bank is the right choice for someone who uses a laptop a lot during the (work) day and doesn't always have a power outlet at hand. The Titan will keep the batteries of all devices sufficiently charged so as not to miss anything; whether while working, or watching a movie.

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