Smaller. Faster. Safer.

Thanks to GaNFast™ and SuperSilicon™ Technologies, our Volt Series Chargers are faster, safer and up to 70% smaller than regular adapters.

All Volt Chargers are smart, which means they automatically use the best charging speed for your connected device.

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Volt Series

Volt 140W GaN Laptop Wall Charger - Xtorm EU Volt 140W GaN Laptop Wall Charger - Xtorm EU
XAT140 Volt 140W GaN Laptop Wall Charger

140W / 2x USB-C / 1x USB

To power the next generation of laptops, we have developed this Volt II USB-C PD GaN Wallcharger that supports up to 140W of power. This is made possible thanks to the implementation of PD 3.1, with Extended Power Range (EPR) support. Don’t let the small design fool you – these chargers pack a powerful punch!  Travel-sized compact design The revolutionary small size of the Volt II chargers is made possible thanks to GaN chipset innovations. These technologies enable the chargers to safely and efficiently handle more power in a smaller size. This allows them to be up to 70% smaller than non-GaN chargers! Multi-port charging This charger has been designed with multi-port charging in mind. It features two powerful USB-C PD outputs, as well as a USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 port for increased versatility. This means you can charge 3 products at the same time. 
140W GaN2 Laptop Wall Charger - Xtorm EU 140W GaN2 Laptop Wall Charger - Xtorm EU
XEC140 140W GaN2 Laptop Wall Charger

140W / 2x USB-C / 1x USB

GaN² Ultra: Next-Gen Power, Size, and Efficiency Don't be fooled by its size, this 140W Wall Charger packs a punch when it comes to power. GaN² Ultra – the next generation of GaN technology – allows our charger to safely and efficiently handle more power in an even smaller size. Our GaN² Ultra solution incorporates intelligent circuitry that optimizes power distribution, reducing energy waste and maximizing charging speeds. With this charger, you can enjoy fast, reliable, and energy-efficient charging for all your devices. Multi-port charging With its compact design and quad-port functionality, our 140W GaN² Ultra wall charger is perfect for your travels, office, or home. The inclusion of USB-C and USB-A ports ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices.  The USB-C ports not only provide high-speed charging for the latest smartphones and tablets – but also recharge the next generation of 140W USB-C PD Laptops - like the Apple MacBook Pro 16” - at full speed. This is made possible thanks to the implementation of PowerDelivery3.1, with Extended Power Range (EPR). You won't need any additional adapters; simply plug in and power up. 97% GRS certified recycled plastic By choosing GRS certified recycled plastic as the primary material for our charger, we are able to give new life to materials. Diverting plastic from landfills and oceans, that would otherwise take centuries to decompose. Not only does the use of recycled plastic benefit the planet, but it also maintains the highest standards of quality and durability. A Reliable & Safe Charging Experience This charger is equipped with multiple advanced safety features, to protect your connected devices as well as your charger. The built-in overcharge, short-circuit, and thermal protection mechanisms safeguard against any potential mishaps, providing you with peace of mind during every charging session.






GaNFast™ and SuperSilicon™

Our Volt Adapters feature GaNFast™ and SuperSilicon™ chipsets. These chipsets get a lot less hot than the ones included in standard adapters. Because the adapters produce less heat while charging we can fit all the parts closer together making the adapters ultra compact and a lot smaller than regular adapters.


GearX Innovation

Fast charging means back out there in a flash.
Our adapters feature powerful USB-C ports that charge your devices in no time. The Volt Series is smart because of our GearX innovation. GearX ensures the adapter automatically switches between different charging gears and adapts to your connected device to deliver the fastest charge possible.


Xtorm Safety Checked
All Xtorm products are carefully tested for safety, use and quality. The Volt Series are tested according to a 6-layer certified safety check to prevent unsafe situations and protect your devices from damage and unnecessary wear.

All together the intensive testing, reduced heat build-up due to GaNFast™ technology and GearX's ability to control the charging speed automatically, ensure a 100% safe product.


XA140 Laptop Multi Charger + XB304 Power Bank Titan
Would you like to be able to charge on the go as well, even without an outlet nearby? Check out our XB304 Power Bank Titan. It has enough power to charge your laptop 1.5 times, your smartphone over 10 times and, with the XA140 Laptop Multi Charger, you'll be charged in under 1.5 hours!

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